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The experienced team behind QANplatform worked in companies and projects like
PwC, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Uber, Bitcoin.com, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash...

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QAN - The adoptable, quantum-resistant blockchain for the future

Silur, QAN's Head of Cryptology contributed to several blockchain projects like Ethereum, Zcash, or Monero. Gaining such an extensive experience could only lead him in one direction: Building a blockchain which solves the pain points of the existing mainstream ones.

There are so many that we won't even list them here. But if you ever tried to adopt blockchain in your company's workflow you know exactly what holds you back.

Johann, QAN's Chief Technology Officer is also an economist. He along with the Business Development team pursues the way to make QAN as appealing as possible. In the end all what matters is market share.Our laser focus lights in the single direction of eliminating any obstacles which could come up as a reason not to implement Blockchain technology, making QAN the only sane choice to work with.

QAN will be the blockchain which developers are eager to work on and to work with. As a result, soon it will be the blockchain the CTOs can proudly present as a ready-to-use and future-proof solution.

We've done tons of research, been in immersive insider talks. We keep our finger on the pulse of the ecosystem. We visit every single major event worth visiting, and publish on every subject  worth publishing on.

While the developers are coding, our business development & research team published 3 ebooks and 35 blog posts.

In October 2020, QAN Platform's private blockchain was officially launched, which is already being tested by multiple reputable blockchain development companies and individuals for future implementation possibilities.

Feedback shows that we are exactly on the right track. Blockchain needs extensibility, implementation support, (huge!) energy consumption reductions and last but not least sustainable scalability.

We started our first Proof-of-Concept use cases with several companies. Stay tuned for the partnership announcements.

The test version of the QAN Platform's public blockchain will be made available to everyone in the first half of 2021. This will be the second biggest milestone in QAN’s life following the private blockchain release. Following industry standards, after a 6-month testnet period, we will launch the official QAN public blockchain, allowing linking it with QAN private blockchain implementation to be able to form a symbiotic hybrid blockchain.

Hey, we almost forgot: we already started the registration process for a top-tier exchange!

Join our journey, we are happy to have you on board!
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